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Convey Digital Media is a new type of integrated digital marketing communication agency. 

The core team of Convey Digital is an industry veteran from the field of new media digital marketing in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with rich practical experience. 


Since its establishment, Convey Digital Media has been devoted to assist customers on enhancing the social brand influence of their brands and products. Especially good at assisting international and Hong Kong brands to connect with young consumer groups in mainland China, creating a chemical reaction between the brand and the target audience.

Convey often implies continuous, regular movement or flow. The word also means to serve as a medium for delivery or transmission: Continuous your message to the world.


Founded in 1986, we pioneered the concept of creating a sizeable network of billboards at the premium offices and commercial buildings in the prime business districts in Hong Kong to connect advertisers with our core audience.

Over the past decades, we have lead our industry; to become one of the largest digital Out-of-Home (“OOH”) media company in Hong Kong and Macau; in terms of the number of billboards; the amount of clients and the success stories we delivery for our brands.

We provide billboard construction, media booking, production and installation services by our One-Stop-Solution.


Convey also means to serve as a medium for the movement of physical phenomena such as light, electricity, or sound: Enhance your brand to the digital.

In 2017, we formed a digital media company since we insight the coverage and influence of digital marketing - Convey Digital Media; provides digital marketing service including SEO, PPC, web design, e-commerce, content and social media marketing and more across Hong Kong, China and South East Asia.

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